Mainstreaming, is it possible?

  Of course I’ve stated my view earlier on mainstreaming from my own perspective. However I do need to write a follow up to mainstreaming after my comments reading the failings of the Provincial School Board.  This would be presented based on conclusions from my experiences.   The Province of Ontario is interested in trying […]

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Frustrated with being Deaf

My frustrations with being Deaf   If you’ve read my previous writings, you’d know I’m a strong advocate of proper Deaf Education and Sign Language. I’m not against learning how to speak, but I emphasis it is draining and difficult. Without proper support, it will fail. Without strong advocacy from the parents and the parents […]

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Do we stay open or do we go?

In government circles, they are looking at the failure of so many Deaf students to meet the benchmark of provincial education for Ontario. Somehow, the idea of mainstreaming these students gained traction and the Government started to look at closing the smaller Deaf schools to encourage mainstreaming students but leaving the school in Milton open. […]

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